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Lawyer Joe B Garza Offers a Step by step guide on how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association

Lawyer Joe B Garza Offers a Step by step guide on how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association

Becoming certified by the Texas State Bar Association can be a daunting process. Fortunately, if you follow this step by step guide, you should learn how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association. 

The Lawyer Joe B Garza Guide to Getting your Texas State Bar Association Certification
The first step is applying to college and earning a bachelor's degree. The major of your choice does not matter as law schools accept almost every different type of major and there is no advantage to one major over another. If your school has a pre-law program, it is advisable to study pre-law and complete the necessary requirements of the program.

After you have successfully enrolled in a college, during your undergraduate or even after, it is necessary to take the LSAT examination and score well. There are various different avenues to study and prepare for it. Ask an adviser for advice about the LSAT. Next, apply to and get accepted to a law program by completing an online application and once you are accepted, you need to attend law school. Law school is three years of very difficult material so make sure this is the career that you are very interested in. There are many different types of law classes such as Contracts and Torts.

During law school it is important to take very good notes because all of the information will be on the Bar Exam that you must pass to become a certified lawyer in Texas. While you are in law school, you should register for the first Bar Exam after your graduation. The Bar exam is typically given only once per year during the summer and the wait list can be very long, so it is important to sign up early. The Bar Exam can cost a few thousand dollars itself so it is important to save up and prepare for the cost of the Bar Exam during law school.

During the final months before graduation start to review all of the material you learned in law school. The Bar Exam is very comprehensive and covers all of the material from all three years of law school. After graduation, most students enroll in a Bar Exam review class to prepare them to take the bar. These classes can also be very expensive so look at different options for review and pick one that fits your budget. During these last few months, it is important to spend most of your time preparing for the Bar Exam and ridding yourself of all other distractions.

Approximately 60 to 70 percent of prospective lawyers pass the bar exam. To pass the bar, a prospective attorney must be in the certain top percentile, which varies by state. Once you pass the bar exam, you have completed all of the steps that are required by the Texas State Bar Association to practice law in the state of Texas. Your certification is only good in the state in which it was taken. If you have followed these steps, then you know how to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association.

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