Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Get Certified by Texas Bar Association Like Texas Lawyer Joe Garza (TBA.org)?

Why Get Certified by Texas Bar Association
The state of Texas has been attracting lawyers from around the country to answer the call for excellent legal practitioners. With the exponential increase year after year, the American Bar Association (ABA) has developed a lawyer specialist certification program to help the Texan decide which firm would best suit his/her concern. This does not only benefit the people seeking legal advice but also the lawyers themselves. With this certification program, the consumer could narrow down his/her choices as well as enhance the lawyer's credibility and avoid misleading public claims. Use these tips to learn why you want to be certified like Texas Lawyer Joe Garza from TBA.org.

Getting certified
This is a voluntary program and does not limit a lawyer to practicing outside his field of specialization. An interested applicant can get certified through an application to the state bar associations which in turn is approved by Supreme Court. In order to get certified by Texas Bar Association, one must have devoted a significant amount of time in the desired area of specialization. Also, s/he must also acquire peer reference from the lawyers and judges who are experienced in the desired field. Another requirement would be to pass the written examination and must have a continuing education on the desired field of law. And lastly, one must present a compilation of all Disciplinary Record to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Why get certified
Although the process for approval is painstaking, it would sure pay off in the long run. Here are reasons why you should get certified by Texas Bar Association.
· Improve your competency. The program can significantly improve your skills and knowledge in providing legal services.
· Identify you as a specialist. With the certification, you become a bona fide specialist of the field of law of your own choosing. This also gives you a hard evidence to support your claim as an expert on the field of practice.
· For professional development. The framework provided to be certified does not only make sure you undergo various competency tests but also ensures that your client's confidence that you are well versed on the cases you handle.
· For referral purposes. Certification also allows you to market yourself to clients and be referred whenever your services are needed.

Getting certified is the best way to develop your self and attract more clients. The rigorous training and requirements allow you to further your expertise in the field of law of your own choosing. Moreover, it allows your clients and future clients to be more confident in your skills and knowledge and put away second thoughts about your competency.

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