Monday, April 29, 2013

Texas Attorney Joe Garza Helps You Understand – How To become A Texas Attorney

Below are Seven Steps to become a Texas Lawyer. These steps are offered by practicing Texas Attorney Joe Garza. These same steps can be applied to all forms of legal degrees. Furthermore, the regulations are roughly the same in each US state. Use these tips to get ahead on your legal degree.

Complete An undergraduate Degree

Since colleges do not have pre-law degree programs, applicants interested in to join a law institution should finish a Bachelor degree program in order to qualify. However, students must pursue a major in order to develop proficiency in communication, research and analysis.

Every student should focus on their preferred area. I.e. someone who is interested to become a tax lawyer should major in accounting courses. Other areas where pre-law students should look into are, public speaking, communication, history, government, philosophy & English.

Pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Every student must complete this test in order to gain entry. The LSAT will hence evaluate the student aptitudes for legal programs
for a law school
Do application to a law School

Having gone through an undergraduate program and the LSAT, one must produce and submit the scores and transcripts to gain admission in a law school. However, one will go through an interview and their work experience evaluated before gaining admission in the law school

Do an Application to the Bar of Texas State

Every licensed attorney in Texas should be a member of this body. Every applicant must pass this body's exam to get a license as a lawyer in Texas State. The marks gained by the candidate who passed and do not join this body within a two years period are nullified

Take the Multi-state Responsibility Professional Test
Texas States requires one to pass the above examination. This is to evaluate the applicant's knowledge in professional and judicial responsibility and conducts. This exam seeks the applicant's knowledge in the American Association Bar codes for professional responsibilities.

Go through a Background check

Texas requires moral background for the licensed lawyers in the state. Therefore candidates are required to submit to a background exam in the approval process in the to practice law in the state

Apply for Texas law license

All Texas attorneys who meet the education and exams requirements should attain a state license in order to practice law. However they must pay the license charges, the Bar fees in order to gain Texas law license in order to become a legal Texas lawyer

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Joe B Garza Highlights the Importance of a Car Accident Attorney

With the changing trends of the fast-moving world, car accidents have become very common in all over the world. Everyday thousands of people fall prey to the grievous accidents or get heavily injured in car accidents. In such a situation it has become extremely important for people to have information about when and where to call to get a good accident layer. A car accident attorney is very important in such matters because he the only person who knows everything about the claims and enacting laws that follow an accident. However, many people claim that attorneys are not really important in such situations but it is always better to have one to gain the best compensation and save oneself from the law. Learn why an accident attorney is important in this article by Joe B Garza.

There are many factors which might help the victim whether the attorney is hired or not. The intensity or severity of the accident plays a major role in determining the flow of the case. In case there is major damage to property then the victim should hire a car accident attorney at the earliest so that he could get the highest claims for the property and physical loss. There is even possibility of a settlement deal with the victim which would be handled by the accident attorney. Moreover, since they are experts on the laws relating to accidents hence they can make better claims out of the accident.

Most of the times people fall in the traps of the insurance companies who deny paying any compensation or warranties for accidents. In such a situation, the car accident attorney is the best option for the victim person. The attorney even makes it sure that the customer gets the highest claims and settles the issues with the third-party. A car accident is very traumatic in itself; hence, an attorney must be hired at the earliest to avoid further troubles. In this way, the victim could be at the least risks and get the best compensations from the insurance companies without falling in their traps.