Monday, February 25, 2013

Top Five Reasons You Need Proper Estate Planning

Proper estate planning is a necessity during the present day. An uncertain economy, rampant shifts and updates to the U.S. tax code that effect estate taxes, and certain estate tax exemptions that are soon to expire heighten the need for effective estate planning more than ever before. If you are planning on leaving a well tended to estate behind for your loved ones – as opposed to a messy estate that is siphoned by over taxation and held up in probate limbo for years upon end – then proper estate planning with an estate planning attorney like Joe B. Garza is essential.

Reducing Tax Liability
Estate taxes are among the highest form of income taxes that exist in the U.S. and fall under the capital gains tax code. If improperly planned, a large portion of your estate could go directly into the IRS’ coffers. With a properly planned estate, more of your hard earned wealth can be passed on to your family and charities that you designate.

Protecting Your Wealth
Estate planning goes beyond just reducing tax liability. It’s also about protecting your wealth. When you plan your estate properly, you can safeguard your wealth against liability that stems from lawsuits and creditors. It’s never too late to protect your legacy.

Allocating the Distribution of Your Estate
You spent a lifetime earning it, and it should go where you intend for it to long after you are gone. With estate planning, you decide to who and what your estate is distributed. This allows you to meticulously plan how your estate is divided up after you are gone.

Maximizing Inheritance to Your Loved Ones
By protecting your estate and preplanning, you can give more to your loved ones. Considering that your wealth has already been taxed (when you earned it), why pay more than you have to. By properly setting up your estate, you can ensure that more of it reaches your loved ones.

Preserving Your Legacy for Future Generations
A properly planned estate can last for generations. This ensures that the financial future of your family is never in question. With some good estate planning now, you can ensure the future of your legacy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New 2013 Tax Laws Highlight Need for Joe Garza's Asset Protection Services

DALLAS, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 02/20/13 -- Joe B. Garza, of the respected law firm, Garza & Harris, Ltd. (, is highlighting the need for reviewing your asset protection, liability reduction and estate planning strategies for the next fiscal tax year (and beyond), in lieu of numerous tax changes and reforms that have gone into effect. These recent changes underscore the fact that no matter what strategy one may have in place, each year calls for a new review of methods to ensure that asset protection and adequate liability reduction methods are in place. 
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Asset Protection and Estate Planning - a Short Video by Joe B. Garza

Are your assets truly protected? What about your estate? Have you implemented proper estate planning that ensures that greatest amount of your wealth is passed on to its rightful heirs with no contestation? Asset protection and estate planning go hand-in-hand. But they both matter sooner as opposed to later. Don’t gamble on your legacy and the future of your loved ones. Put adequate protection methods into place now, while you still can.

Learn more asset protection and estate planning tips by Joe B. Garza

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Why You Need Asset Protection

Asset protection is not a consideration during the present day; it’s a mandatory objective if you really wish to pass on your legacy and wealth to your loved ones in the most complete form as possible, one that is not hindered by probate courts, unnecessary taxation, creditors or lawsuits. With adequate asset protection methods in place by Joe B Garza, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your legacy is shielded from the unforeseeable.

Protecting Your Wealth
You worked an entire lifetime to earn it, so why should half of it be taken from you after you are gone instead of being passed on to your loved ones? We say NO to that notion. There are plenty of effective procedures and methods that you can put into place that can maximize the distribution of your wealth after you are gone. Don’t overlook this key strategy.

Planning Before It’s Too Late
A lot of people plan long after the fact. When they are facing creditors, or when they find out that a company they own was not setup properly and now they are on the hook to creditors. There are ample considerations to ponder here. A simple lawsuit can rob you of a lifetime of earnings if you are not adequately protected with asset protections shields.

Preserving Your Legacy
It’s your legacy and your good name. Don’t play the cards against the odds when bad things can and do happen. Be wise with your wealth. Plan ahead for the unforeseeable and enjoy the comfort that you will gain in knowing that your estate is fully protected for the future.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Asset Protection is Not a Consideration; It's Necessary!

Asset Protection need not be specifically complicated or costly. Fundamental asset defense techniques can easily be executed that do not interrupt of your company or day-to-day life. Although advanced asset defense planning can utilize off-shore relies on and off-shore financial institution accounts, those tools and procedures are the exception as opposed to the regulation. They are offered if the situation warrants, but also for most individuals there is rarely a genuine reason to visit such extremes.

Why not look ahead to protect your possessions and your assets? You are under no lawful responsibility to structure your economic affairs in a way that makes it simpler for financial institutions and other creditors to take virtually everything you possess. Your responsibility is to your family members, and your legacy, to make certain your life savings are not shed in the occasion of a monetary calamity. The bottom line about property protection is that, to be efficient, it has to be implemented ahead of time in order to work.

One of the most basic examples of property protection: If you are hitched and have a home with your partner in Illinois or Indiana, and in most various other states, there is practically no excuse for not having the real estate as renters by the sum totals to shield your home from cases of creditors of just one spouse.
Beyond these basic considerations, there are many others. A typical blunder made by entrepreneur is that they will sometimes develop a company or restricted liability company with the intent to secure themselves from personal liability, yet then place practically all their company assets in a single company, or in a subsidiary of a higher risk running firm. All of the business assets might be lost if a judgment is entered against the business.

Whenever functional, business procedures positioning a danger of liability should be divided from asset ownership. Assets can and need to generally be had by a low-risk (ideally tax-advantaged) body and leased or accredited to the higher threat running business. The very best, and least expensive, time to execute this framework is when you obtain the asset or business. Ownership of the low-risk company needs to similarly be held by a low-risk owner. The property protection strategy can, and typically should, belong to a much more detailed estate plan.

Actual estate financial investments and business possession structures are typically not sufficiently created to militate versus the danger of liability emerging from loan and lease promises or various other resources of liability to specific enrollers or principals.

There is much that could be done to secure your properties. The finest time to start will have been a number of years earlier. It is foolish to leave your hard earned properties unnecessarily exposed to creditor claims when also basic possession defense planning (asset protection) may protect them.

Battle stories are abound of commercial real estate investors and business owners who have shed ton of monies, little and sizable, because they did not strategize ahead.

It is considerably more cost efficient to create and execute a possession security plan “as you go,” rather than hanging around until you determine your estate is “significant enough to secure.” Usually, possession defense as you go will cost no even more to do right compared to what you spend doing it incorrectly.
Over the next several years, a great deal of reconstructing will take place. Virtually, in the kind of new and redeveloped industrial actual estate projects and business ventures, and figuratively, as previously successful true estate professionals and business owners restore their monetary lives.   

Case and point: be sure that you build-in fundamental asset protection methods in every company framework you devise. Learn more about asset protection strategies by Joe B. Garza.

How Joseph B Garza Estate Planning Services Will Prevent Probate Limbo 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas

You never want an estate that’s poorly planned because that estate can end up in the worst kind of limbo, (Joseph B. Garza example: the 0FTE SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas limbo, where it precariously hangs in the balance for eons, seemingly, which is what can happen when your estate is improperly planned.)

Proper Estate Planning
The surest means by which you can ensure that your estate never ends up in the aforementioned holding pattern is by planning ahead. Only a lawyer can carefully setup your estate properly. So don’t overlook the fact that a legal professional is the first place where you should turn.

Experience Makes a Difference
Who you choose for your estate planning greatly matters. You want experience and you want a track record of success. Such attributes are found in legal professionals like Joseph B Garza Estate; who has more than 30 years of experience.

Planning for the Future
How secure is the future that you want to leave behind for your loved ones? How difficult will it be for them to access the inheritances that you have allocated for them? Will your estate be stuck in probate limbo for years upon end? Since we never know when we will go from this earth, planning now for that fateful day is the only assured option for the future.

Protecting Your Legacy
It’s all about your legacy when all is said and done. So why risk marring the legacy that you spent a lifetime building? The great news is that you don’t have to. Get an experienced attorney on your side like , Joseph B Garza today, and safeguard your estate from detriments like probate limbo forever.